We are a subscription service. When you sign up with us, you are charged every week and have food shipped to you every week by default - unless, of course, you choose to skip a week of food or cancel your subscription. 

When you do sign up, you will notice in your account that, aside from the meals you selected for your first order, we also display three orders into the future for you, with pre-selected menus that basically duplicate your original order.


The menu we select for each order is based on what you ordered in your first order and also based on any dietary preferences you communicated to us during the sign-up process. We add one meal to our menu on a weekly basis (sometimes two!) and we also sometimes remove meals from our menu, so the menu we pre-select for your upcoming orders will take into account any meals we will be premiering or removing in the near future. 

You are free to go in and update the meals for any weekly order to whatever you desire, provided you do so by the deadline we email to you every week, at which point you are charged for your order and your meals are programmed into our system. (We sometimes allow a little extra time to change meals aside from that, but just take notice of the deadline.)

Our main goal is to get you food every week as seamlessly as possible!