Yes. There is a deadline every week by which you need to make changes to your next order to ensure the changes register in our system.

...why, you ask? 

Because we cook and ship over 100,000 meals/week to customers and we cannot manage that on so large scale if we can't plan ahead. We need to know what meals to cook on a given day or else we couldn't guarantee the level of efficiency our customers require - especially when dealing with perishable food. As a result, when you have a weekly order coming up, we need to know whether you want the meals (and, if so, what meals you want and where you want them) some 5-6 days before you would actually receive the meals... hence, the weekly deadline.

You need to make changes to your next order by this deadline if you want to:

  • Stop from being charged for/receiving the meals
  • Change the number of meals you'll receive
  • Change the delivery day for receiving meals
  • Change the delivery address for the meals

Again, the weekly deadline will be roughly 5-6 days before you receive your meals at 5pm PST.