Yes, you certainly can!

...BUT, if you do cancel a subscription, it's important to note that you are not canceling any order for which you have already been charged and which is already processing. Any such order would already have been programmed into our system for the preparation process to begin (yes, we're that fast!). Please note that there is a weekly deadline by which you need to make changes to your subscription - including canceling it - before you are next charged. We send weekly emails to remind you of this deadline.

Please note, however, there is an alternative to canceling your subscription:

  • You could skip a specific weekly order in your subscription. This would mean you opt out of receiving a specific order (i.e.: you'd still get other orders you haven't skipped) and is a great tool for sporadic absences from home. No need to cancel your entire subscription if you just want to make sure you won't receive meals for a week or two!