We know: you love sugar.

We love it too. Well, we love the taste. And we won’t argue with you about sugar’s deliciousness. We’re just not too thrilled about what it does to our bodies – and by extension, yours. That’s why we make it such a high priority to keep our food entirely free of these refined sugars.

To Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric neuroendocrinologist at UCSF, sugar is a toxin. He believes that it’s behind the rise in obesity in this country (as well as others), more so than overeating and under-exercising. According to the UCSF website, “sugar both drives fat storage and makes the brain think it is hungry,” creating what Lustig considers a “vicious cycle.”

And the Harvard Health blog indicates that eating too much sugar increases our risk of heart disease. According to Women’s Health, too much sugar can lead to “diabetes and obesity, and also Alzheimer’s disease and breast, endometrial, and colon cancers.”

That certainly makes you think twice about that slice of cake. The tricky thing about sugar is that it often turns up in the unlikeliest of places, so check the labels on your food – like that packaged tomato sauce that you love. Or the peanut butter that you’ve been eating since you were a child. That’s why - despite how much we all love sugar - the team at Freshly believes these added sugars just aren’t your friend. And that's why we use only natural sources to sweeten our meals, such as honey and fruit, and use them sparingly. We want you and your body to be friends with food – and friends support each other, right?