Want to feel fuller and more satisfied by your food? Want to increase your muscle mass and strength? Want even more energy to fuel your day?

Then eat protein. It’s good for you. And as you know, when you eat one of our meals, you can rest assured that any protein involved will taste great too. In fact, protein is actually a wonderful way for our chefs to get their creative juices going.

In case your taste buds haven’t yet taken over, here are a few more solid reasons to get your protein groove on:

1) It helps keep cravings under control.

  • Hunger is about your body. Food cravings are about your brain. A craving is a situation where your brain wants a reward, and it wants that reward to be something that’s probably not all that good for you. What to do? Increase your protein intake. Take it from the researchers at the Harvard Public School of Health: “Eating approximately one daily serving of [protein can increase fullness, which leads to better weight management and weight loss.

2) It helps your body burn fat.

  • Eating in general can boost your metabolism for a while, but eating protein really gets things going. According to Psychology Today, “Studies show that overweight dieters are more likely to lose fat instead of muscle by following a higher protein diet.”

3) It will keep you lean and mean in the long-term.

  • If protein boosts your metabolism and reduces cravings, then it makes sense that eating more of it will also help you lose weight. According to Authority Nutrition, “just a modest increase in protein has been shown to help with weight maintenance. In one study, increasing protein from 15-18% of calories reduced weight regain by 50%.” As far as we’re concerned, those numbers work in our favor – and yours!

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