We’re saying bring it on to egg yolk in our omelettes. And we think you should too.

If you like egg white omelettes, you should eat them. But if you prefer a creamy scrambled situation that’s full of yolk, you no longer have to be afraid.

Healthy fat is your friend.

Well, at least it’s not your enemy. After years of being told that low-fat diets lower the risk of developing heart disease, the tide is turning. In 2014, the Annals of Internal Medicine published a study suggesting that eating higher levels of fat doesn’t necessarily translate into a higher likelihood of heart disease. At the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Meeting that same year, Alice Lichtenstein, one of the top scientists behind the U.S. nutrition program, said that low-fat diets aren’t a good idea. That probably has to do with the fact that in the time that low-fat diets have been pushed as the solution to our health problems, we’ve steadily become more and more obese.

That’s definitely a step in the WRONG direction.

And we’re about helping you take a step in the RIGHT direction. The Freshly direction, if you will.

We’re not about cutting fats out of your diet. We’re about giving yourself permission to keep it in, but within reason. Of course you can have cheese. But maybe you should have that cheese with a side of vegetables. Balance. We’re all for it.

We’re also about portion control, and making healthy food taste less like “health” food and more like food you actually want to eat. If the USDA is being asked to revise the way it talks and thinks about food, then maybe it’s time for you to revise the way you talk and think about food too.

First and foremost, most things are not simply good or bad. It’s just that some things are better than others. Lots of white flour and simple carbohydrates just don’t cut it if you want to maintain your weight and your energy levels. That’s why we keep our meals gluten-free and sugar-free. We base them around protein, vegetables and healthy fats, which are both satisfying and filling. When you’re satisfied, you’re less likely to go off in search of things that you don’t necessarily need – or even want. You’re in charge of your cravings instead of your cravings being in charge of you.

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