Cholesterol. What is it?

Something you should be afraid of. Because high cholesterol causes heart attacks, right? Well, no. Not exactly.

As it turns out, cholesterol levels are not a great predictor of heart attacks. Interesting, right?

We thought that was pretty strange ourselves, since we’ve always heard that having high cholesterol virtually ensures that you’ll have a heart attack. So we started doing some research, and we came across The Great Cholesterol Myth by Dr. Stephen Sinatra, the founder of the New England Heart Center. In his book, Dr. Sinatra reveals that only 50% of heart attack victims have high cholesterol levels, and only 50% of people who have high cholesterol have heart disease.

Even more interesting – and we might go so far as to say troubling – is one of the book’s other big revelations. According to Dr. Sinatra, statin drugs, which are prescribed to people to lower their cholesterol, are associated with a higher risk of diabetes. And many respected organizations like the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association are diligently trying to spread the word about the connection between diabetes and heart disease. What does this ultimately tell us? Having diabetes also puts you at a higher risk of heart disease.

We think you’ll agree when we say that avoiding both diabetes and heart disease seems like a good idea. And one thing that helps keep away diabetes (and heart disease that develops as the result of diabetes) is lowering your sugar intake, which is one reason why Freshly meals don’t contain any refined sugar. Instead, they contain healthy protein, complex carbs and fats from tasty things like salmon and quinoa. You’ll also find some pretty serious representation from the vegetable family. You can never go wrong with more produce.

So here’s our take on the whole situation: Stop worrying about cholesterol. Focus instead on eating meals like ours, whose clean simple ingredients and distinctive flavor combinations will make takeout – especially the kind that bloats you and clouds your mind – a thing of the past, and make eating well a thing of the present.