There are many wonderful ways you can manage your subscription and the orders you receive.

To start, please note that you have a weekly deadline by which you have to make changes to an upcoming order so we can register those changes in our system. This deadline is emailed to you every week a day before the deadline itself and will always be 5-6 days before the delivery date of the order. (Example: If you get your meals on Wednesday, your deadline would be as early as Thursday the week prior.), with that said, what nifty things can you do in your subscription? Well.

First, you can plan your meals weeks in advance.

  • You will notice that we display three weeks of future deliveries on your subscription meal planner. You can click on these deliveries and plan out your menu ahead of time rather than waiting week-by-week. We always suggest reviewing your menu for each upcoming order to make sure it includes items you want and to make sure you check out any new meal items on our menu!

Second, you can change the day when you receive meals every week or only for certain weeks.
  • You can customize your delivery more extensively and vary the day of the week when you receives your meals. You could, for instance, receive your meals on Thursday one week, Friday the next week, Tuesday the week after that... your choice.

Third, you can change the number of meals you receive every week or only for certain weeks.
  • You can customize the number of meals we send you to fit your health and convenience needs. You could easily choose to receive 6 meals for one week, 12 meals for the week after - whatever your heart desires.

There are a few other neat things you can do, too:

Aside from the limitations for making changes based on the deadline mentioned above, there may also be times that we cannot accommodate certain requests based on our production schedule, our delivery arrangements with carriers, and other similar factors - but, aside from that, we aim to accommodate!