You are able to change many things about an upcoming weekly order, including:

Click on each of the above bullet points to find out how to edit those items in your weekly order.

If, however, you find that you are unable to make changes because the requisite "Change" buttons do not exist, it would be because your order has already been charged and is already processing in our system. You are only able to make changes to a weekly order up to the time you are charged for it. For certain things, you are able to make changes up to one day after the charge. Either way, we email you a deadline every week by which time you have to make changes to your next order in order to them to reflect before the order processes. 

If you cannot make changes to your weekly order, check the upper right-hand corner of the order details screen for your order's current status.


If you can make changes, you would see the following, along with the date by which you could still change your meals before your order processes:


If you cannot make changes, the status would read:


The above two statuses indicate that your order has been processed and that we are either cooking the meals or shipping them - meaning that no further changes to your weekly order can be made.