1) Go to our homepage here.

2) Enter your email address and the zip code (the one where you want your food delivered!) in the available sign-up box.

  • If we cannot deliver to your zip code, we will let you know at this stage. We can only deliver meals to certain areas of the country based on logistical restrictions from our carriers.

3) Choose the type of meal plan you want, be it 4, 6, 9, to 12 Freshly meals per week.

  • All of our meals arrive in a single delivery per week. (Don't worry, you can change the number of¬†meals you receive per week in your account!)

4) Choose the day of the week when you normally want to receive your Freshly meals.

  • By doing this, you are choosing the initial day on which you will receive your first Freshly delivery, as well as the day of the week on which you would receive subsequent weekly deliveries. (Don't worry, you can change your preferred day of delivery in your account, too!)

5) Select the meals you would like to receive in your first delivery and use the "Filter" link to set your dietary preferences.
  • The meals you choose here tell us about the types of meals you like and will be used by us to plan future menus for you, aside from the first weekly order of your subscription. You will be able to change the meals you receive every week, up to three weeks in advance, using your account. (Bear in mind that we add a new meal every week, so you'll always have lots of great options to choose from!)

6) Complete the checkout process
  • Here, you simply provide your personal contact information, your payment information, and your delivery address information. Please note that you are unable to change the zip code associated with your subscription at this stage. The reason is because the available days for delivery from which you previously selected are linked to your specific geographic location. You can alter your zip code after you sign up with us but this may ultimately change the delivery day/s available to you.