The Meal Planner is where you go to manage your subscription for your weekly orders. 

This includes managing:

...and more.

When you sign into your account, simply click on the "Meal Planner" link in the upper right-hand corner, select the subscription you want to examine (if you only have one, you'll only see one), and you'll be directed to the Meal Planner, which looks like this:


To the left-hand side, you can see tabs with your weekly orders. 

When you initially sign up with us, the Meal Planner will show you your first scheduled delivery and three deliveries into the future.

As you proceed with receiving deliveries, the Meal Planner will regularly show you your previous delivery, your current upcoming delivery, and three deliveries in the future.

When you click on a given order, you will be able to manage the order specifically, as mentioned above - even if the order is two or three weeks away! There are many separate articles in our Support Center that address how you can make changes to orders.