Your weekly deadline for changing your next order would vary based on:

  1. your location
  2. you preferred delivery day

Generally speaking, we need 5-6 days notice before you receive your meals to make changes to your next upcoming order because, without this degree of notice, we could not function as efficiently as we do.

As an example, if you get your meals on a Wednesday, the deadline for making changes to that order could be as early as Thursday at 5pm PST or as late as Friday at 5pm PST, based on your zip code.

Also, we will send you an email every week, the day before your deadline, to remind you of the deadline itself and also to let you know about the latest meal (or meals!) we have added to our menu.

The email looks like this:


...and, of course, if you want to have your deadline confirmed separately by us, you can contact us at 1-844-373-7459, or email us at! Our customer service hours are Monday-Sunday, 8AM-4PM PST.